tecma Easy Fit 1.1

Tecma Easy Fit

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Product Description

Easy Fit


The Easy FitĀ is already found on board many small yachts and tenders. With a compact design, exquisite ceramic exterior and electric flush, the Easy FitĀ models are powerful performers. Comfortable cearamic bowls, high output, low water consumption and silent flush are only a few of the many features of this product. This model is available in two different sizes, namely the standard height model and the short height version for installations where mounted on top of a raised step. The special geometry of the back side, allows an easy installation against both straight and angled walls.

The installation, plumbing and wiring is easy and fast, with no maintenance required. The toilet can be operated in combination with three different control panels: Eco rocker switch, Premium and Premium Plus. Also on board of: Azimut Magellano 42, Swan Yachts (retrofit).

Weight 47.4 lbs (21 kg) Weight 43 lbs (19,5 kg)
Water Usage 0.1-0.7 gal
(0.5-2.7 L)
Water Usage 0.1-0.7 gal
(0.5-2.7 L)


Standard Optional
Color White Bone
Seat and cover Molded wood with multicoat enamel finish N/A
Outlet pump MAC 4 12/24 v N/A
Inlet device Solenoid Inlet pump
Control panel Eco rocker switch Premium Plus