norther lights gen M673L3

Northern lights M673L3

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Product Description

Engine Block

  • Four cycle, 3 cylinder, liquid cooled, naturally aspirated, overhead valve diesel.
  • Swirl combustion chambers improve fuel efficiency and reduce smoke.Glow plugs for quick cold starting.


Cooling System

  • Freshwater cooling with siphon break.
  • Heat exchanger or keel cooled.
  • One-piece heat exchanger, expansion tank and liquid cooled exhaust manifold. Fewer troublesome hoses and gaskets. Cast iron to resist corrosion and electrolysis.
  • Heat exchanger cooling is standard. Cupro-nickel, tube-type heat exchanger has removable ends for easy cleaning. Rubber impeller seawater pump of bronze and stainless steel is gear driven; no belt.


Fuel System

  • Fuel system is self-venting.
  • Injection pump with 5% mechanical governor for close AC frequency control.
  • Pintle injectors with replaceable tips.
  • Mechanical lift pump with hand primer. No electric pump to fail.
  • Large spin-on fuel filter.
  • Steel fuel lines.
  • Stop solenoid acts directly on the fuel rack eliminating linkage problems.


Intake and Exhaust

  • Meets US EPA Tier III emission standards.
  • Washable air cleaner.
  • Cast aluminum intake manifold with Sound Maze air intake reduces intake noise.
  • Cast iron, wet exhaust elbow for safety.


Lubrication System

  • Full flow, spin-on oil filter with bypass.
  • 3.1 qt (3 ltr) oil capacity for better lubrication and 200 hour oil change intervals.
  • Oil drain for quick, clean oil changes.
  • Closed crankcase vent system traps oil vapor and keeps engine room clean.


DC Electrical System

  • DC system uses reliable relays instead of an unrepairable printed circuit board.
  • 12 volt starter motor and battery charging alternator with regulator and belt guard.
  • Standard panel: Remote mount S-1B has hour meter, stop-start switch with run light and preheat switch.
  • Expandable to six panels up to 110 feet from the set.
  • 20 foot (6m) plug-in panel harness lets you mount your panel anywhere onboard. Better than inaccessible unit mount panels that are prone to vibration problems.
  • Low oil pressure, high coolant temp and high exhaust temp safety shutdowns standard.


AC Generator

  • Northern Lights, direct coupled, four pole, revolving field, four lead reconnectable generator with Class “H” insulation and prelubricated bearing. Conservative heat rise rating: 95°C/50°C ambient
  • External automatic voltage regulator gives you ±5% voltage regulation. AVR powered by dedicated AC winding for improved motor starting. AVR circuit breaker.
  • 30 amp mainline


M673L3 Specifications:
60 Hz @ 1800 rpm 6 Kw
50 Hz @ 1500 rpm 5 Kw
Cylinders: 3 inline
Bore: 2.6 in (67 mm)
Stroke: 2.8 in (72 mm)
Displacement: 46.4 cid (0.76 ltr)
Fuel System: Mechanical
Aspiration: Natural
Length: 28.5 in (724 mm)
Length with Enclosure: 28.5 in (724 mm)
Width: 19.5 in (495 mm)
Width with Enclosure: 19.5 in (495 mm)
Height: 20.4 in (517 mm)
Height with Enclosure: 20.8 in (528 mm)
Weight: 377 lbs (171 kg)
Enclosure Weight 44 lbs (20 kg)
Information, specifications, materials and dimensions subject to change without notice.